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I don't do haikus
I can't count syllables well
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Day One Design (Note: I used to go by NotDansk at this time. It's been left this way for the sake of archival.)
I keep forgetting to update this, so why bother keep it around?
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The Why

I designed this website after Windows XP because I have a lot of nostalgia for Windows XP, as our family computer, and my netbook had been running it well into the Windows 7 and 8 era, and it's when I first made a lot of my most formative memories on the Internet, most of which were good, and I also just thought it'd be fun to attempt to imitate Windows XP for my website.

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WARNING: The contents of the webrings, and any pages along the webrings beyond https://www.44nifty.com are not reflective of me and my values.

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